Gerrymandered Parasites

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Doug Berger 0:50
Before I get started with the show today, I just wanted to explain that we are doing for the first time a video version of the podcast on so I want to hopefully going forward is record this podcast as a video first. And then strip out the audio and publish it as a regular podcast and do all the things I normally do. But then we have pictures instead of a static picture me in front of this, this backdrop here in and see I’m still kind of working on working on the video here. So I apologize in advance for any technical glitches. You can see that there’s some artifacts from my green screen and that sort of thing. I’m just learning. It’s all one person doing it. And so hopefully we’ll be able to get it. Get it together.

Gerrymandered Parasites

Doug Berger 1:58
The first thing I wanted to talk about today is the in the year 2021. It’s redistricting time. Every 10 years after a census, the state legislatures and every state get together and they redraw the congressional maps, the state district maps house, House District maps to better have enough so that everybody gets represented, represented, represented. So everybody gets represented correctly due to population and where they live. In 2011, the last time that redistricting took place, the majority party here in Ohio, the republicans actually came up with the maps, the district maps in secret behind a private access hotel room that they affectionately called the bunker. And then they released these maps only a few days before they were voted on. And because the republicans have a majority in Ohio legislature, they passed. It was some awful gerrymandering took place. One of them was the what they call the snake. That is congressional district nine that marcy kaptur is part of, and it goes from Toledo, across the shore of Lake Erie over to the Cleveland area. It’s a little, little thin, little thin line there.

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